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iPod touch mount for tripod? Answered

 Looking to mount a new Apple touch on a camera mounting bracket. So ... no gooseneck extention -just a sinple right angle bracket of some sort. I might be over-thinking this - but thanks for your assistance!


Soft-jawed clamp, with V jaws so it can grab from edges?

Might be easier to get a real camera, though. Not to mention you'll almost certainly get better pictures.

 I am using the iPod touch as a teleprompter - so it needs to be mounted at the same "height" as the camera's lens. Thanks for your input!

 If your tripod has a foot (the little square that clips into the top) I would take it to the hardware store and first find a nut that fits the threads. It is a standard size, so you can just look it up online too. Im 99% sure its 1/4"-20. Pick up an L bracket, then drill out a hole so it fits over the tripod's mount, use the nut to attach it. Take a suction cup, based on what you get, you may need to figure out your own way to attach it to the vertical portion of the L bracket.

Simple as that, stick your iPod to the suction cup, landscape of portrait!

 >> ... L-Bracket using tripod's mounting screw ...

Great idea. I am getting a couple hard plastic cases, and am thinking of using the industrial strength Velcro(tm) to attach the iPod touch to that vertical support.

Make a cradle out of heavy gauge copper wire and cover it with rubber tubing. Attach that to the tripod with the correct sized nut.   then you can set you touch in it an it will be steady but most importantly it won't fall out.

 Many thanks. The project involves mounting the iPod touch to the side and at the same height as the camera lens - as I am using the touch as a teleprompter.

Great idea - thank you!