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iPod video to iPod touch Answered

What's up?
Anyways, has anybody seen that hack for the iPod video?
It changes everything up, and it has an iPod Touch theme, except no touch screen and stuff.
It's on YouTube and stuff, but I don't know how to do it.
I saw it on craigslist...



you can convert youtube video for ipode using Macvide iPod Converter.http://macvide.com/Macvide_iPod_Converter/Try itt's really good convers.

Before i tell you how to do it, ITS IPOD TOUCH TO IPOD VIDEO, NOT IPOD

First Determine if your ipod is a 5G or a 5.5G. Go into Music and check if there is a "Search" feature at the bottom, if there is your a 5.5G, and if not your a 5G.

Second, Get iPod Wizard here:

3rd, Download this for 5G users:

and for 5.5G users:

4th, go to settings on your ipod and then hit main menu, and make sure only
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Extras
  • Settings
are on. anything else on will F**k up your ipod

5th, download this:

6th Unzip everything

7th open ipod wizard and change the "edit Mode" to Firmware fiile

8th hit open firmware file and open the 5G (or 5.5G) ipod touch.bin file

---ALL thes folder references are in the Touch hack v2.0 folder---

9.On the Firmware Editor tab in IPW, click on the "Pictures" tab and click load all - locate the folder called "Images"

10. Go to the "Strings" tab - set your "Lang Block" to 24 and then click load list - locate the "lang-24.txt" in the "String" folder

11. a) Go to the "Layout" tab - on Resource Type select "Scheme Layout" from the drop down box, click load all and locate the "Scheme Resources" folder
b) Next select "Font Types" from the drop down box, click load all and locate the "Font Layout" folder
c) Almost done! Just select "Menus" from the drop down box, click load all and locate your "Menu Layout"

12. Plug in ipod, close everything to do with the ipod except for Ipod WIzard (iTUnes, windows explorer etc.) and hit write to ipod.

Your welcome

on 11.c)where is located the folder "menu layout"? I didn't found it, it didn;t came on the folder "touch hack v2.0"... thanks

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go to www.drivendesign.us It's on there.

I saw it, but don't know how (dont have Ipod either, prefer zen)