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iRobot PDA or RCX interface Answered

Here are my proposed ideas for the iRobot scholarship package. With todays technology some of the most useful tools are useful because they integrate so well with devices we already have. I have some different ideas about how someone could interface the iRobot with different devices, here are my main ideas. My main goal is to control the iRobot with my Palm Pilot. This could possibly be done via bluetooth or WiFi, but the most convenient solution would be an IR interface. If I succeeded in this I would create an open-source program for the Palm OS that would allow you to remotely control the operation of an iRobot. I'm also interested in interfacing the iRobot with the LEGO RCX (from the Robotics Invention System). Such an interface would allow you to expand off of the iRobot using LEGO components. For example, you could create a robotic arm out of lego, or have the iRobot control a mini lego-bot. Finally, I want to try and use a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) controller to control the iRobot. This control scheme would feel natural to the operator, while allowing him to guide the robot. Optimally this would be combined with the previous idea (LEGO RCX) for even greater flexibility. If I'm selected for a scholarship package I will work hard to achieve as many of my goals as I can, and I'm sure that the community would benefit from and be able to expand off of my ideas. There is much to gain from the interconnection of todays technology.


IR would be the best way. Theres documentation on IR messages, and it would be really easy to control it from a PDA. (Harder, but possible, with an RCX)

. Excellent! Great idea and great presentation. . > I will work hard to achieve as many of my goals as I can . Looking at your Instructables and other posts, I'd say you have the resources to achieve all your stated goals. . . I'd say good luck, but I don't think you need it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.