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iTouch not syncing? Answered

*I don't have it with me now, but tomorrow I WILL!* One of the kids in my class has got a problem. Her first iTouch's screen broke (I know how to fix that), but her replacement iPod wont sync with her computer. Could this be because iTunes can't sync with 2 iPod's on its "list"? I just want to know of any fixes so I don't go stumbling along.



9 years ago

Why is knex in the tags? But anyways, you need a program to get music off your ipod, onto itunes, then sync your ipod with the music on itunes ( I had to restore it )

IDK, jsut thought since almsot half of the 'ibles on this site are knex, I might attract a few more people?(

Cracked screen is only the "surface wound." Who knows what could have happened to the internal components.

You can see a very very VERY small part of the inside, could that mean its the LCD thats broken?

It's probably not a good sign if any of the innards are exposed, that's about all my advanced technical genius (sarcasm) can provide.

I sorta opened it up, but I didnt get to the screen gefore I chickened out. lol

Idk, my best bet would be its broken..