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iTunes file help. Can't find the files on my computer anywhere.? Answered

The music that I download into iTunes shows up in the iTUnes program but I can't find it anywhere else in my computer.  Need to move these files.  The computer with the downloads is Win XP.



I rented a movie from iTunes and I can't find it to play help


7 years ago

Like said above, check the "My Music" folder. In my case, there's an itunes folder which contains all that stuff. Also all apps and such.
But be careful. Check google for moving that stuff.
I accidentally cleaned up that folder and also removed that database file which itunes needs to recognize all that stuff.
As itunes couldn't find that file, the program didn't show my content (apps, music, etc.) although all files had been located where they belong.


7 years ago

Navigate to the iTunes folder, open the folder and then copy the folder named "iTunes music" Paste a copy to your desktop. All of your music files should be in that folder and you can move the folder or the music inside to wherever you want it.

If you look into the file info on your songs, it will show you where you kept the file. Right-click a song and select Get Info. Look at the bottom of the new window and you should see the file location
An example of the location:
My Documents/ My Music/ ITunes/ Unknown Album/ Song.mp3

Follow the order of the folders and you should find the files. I hope this helps!