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iTunes help? Answered

Hey- random question out there but i have a quick question.
Can i share my iTunes with more than 5 computers?
I have read a few papers saying you can only authorize 5 computers to use itunes (for your account). We have 3 computers so far connected to iTunes, but i want to use a computer upstairs with it, and i also know we will be eventually expanding to more than 5 computers. I was thinking of using a hard drive transfer (as we have no internet jack close upstairs, and its not wireless so we cant use home sharing easily. i do have a 50 foot Ethernet cable that would work. hehe), and just copying the entire itunes library to a portable hard drive, copying it over to the computer, and selecting it from the library in itunes (would i have to authorize to use it?), and going from there. Its a mac-windows transfer, so not sure what would happen there.  I was thinking after transfer (and possible authorization), could i just de-authorize the computer, and still play the music?? Is it legal?



Best Answer 7 years ago

The 5 computer limit only applies to items bought from the iTunes store (and possibly only the DRM'ed content there). So if one or more of your computers primarily uses files ripped from your own CDs, MP3s bought from Amazon, and other items not bought through the iTunes store, then you can use whatever account you want on those computers.

I don't *think* imaging will help here, since I'd expect iTunes to check in at Apple on startup to keep the 5 system limit enforced.

Hmm. deauthorising lets me play some music, but not all. I think itunes got redone a while ago with non-drm songs. Looks like ill have to authorize....

hey all- got it working. hooked up home share (for some reason my 50ft cable is missing, so i had to use a 6ft one and move the computer). I think after transferring and deauthorizing it will still retain my music, but only say we have 3 connected. it wont transfer any new music past the point of deauthorization. Except it froze and is going into a verification mode or something and is taking forever to reboot..... How does a computer with a 3ghz processor freeze? :)

How does a computer with a 3ghz processor freeze?
Same as any other really, I don't know what's going on there.


lol I know, i ran it too hard while it was processing music. Plus it only has a gig of RAM but 4 slots to put it in, so its running pretty under its potential limit.