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iTunes keeps "Re-buffering stream"? Answered


lately i have had a lot of troubles with iTunes, mostly it doesn't want to load or won't allow me to purchase things.
i've tried reloading Itunes twice and that works for a day or two then its back to not working.
i have got the latest version and a good internet connection.
the most common problem lately is when i try to listen to a preview of a song it will play it for a few seconds then stop and say "opening URL Re-Buffering Stream" and that happens on every preview I've tried?
it continually does it, saying that every few seconds...
it worked fine yesterday and i was able to listen to previews without any trouble but this morning its back to the Re-buffering thing?
i don't really want to call Apple help as there doesn't appear to be a section for this kind of thing and they ask for personal information...
has anyone else had this problem and know how i can fix it?
thank you!
from AAG



3 years ago

Mine started doing the exact same thing right after the last update. They changes the look of the interface and I wonder if they changed the streaming as well. Super annoying. Almost all previews take forever to load and will pop up a small window saying "Opening URL". I know it isn't my connection as I am using 50Mbps and I can stream HD netflix without an issue

Arrgh, this problem STILL Exists, it's PAINFUL. Trying to buy some music - now - I give up - will go find it elsewhere - iTunes you are not doing artists any favours.

Buy/preview music somewhere else, maybe?

Sounds like there is a connection issue. Have you looked for anything amiss in the Network section of the settings? Do you have any other internet related issues? YouTube videos stuttering or loading slow, etc.

Hi Bwrussell

unfortunately thats not an option as my computer is school property (Distance Ed) and it restricts searches so a lot of stuff its "blocked"

i shouldn't think so...but maybe
thanks for your help ^_^

Can you not go to Amazon.com? This could be an instance where you can use the iTunes program but they've started blocking it so it can't connect to the internet properly to run previews.

actually that is a very good idea!!!
i vaguely remember my sister (who has an amazon account) saying the songs could be viewed on ipods and were much cheaper!
thanks bwrussel!