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where do you know somebody that post the things that written on the book "mini weapons of mass destructions"????? thx in advance.


here is the book's youtube channel you can find many weapons in the channel


and you can embed it in 'ables easily

and please give me the best answer pleaseee

i don't are how much is the price,the problem is they only deliver to a few countries,and mine's not included.(i'm indonesian)

If the book is an actual published book then you will have to buy the book. The author won't make instructables from the stuff from their book because then no one would buy their book. Just buy the book, it's only a few bucks and you will be supporting someones hard work.

i'm looking for the weapons inside the book of mini weapons of mass destructions

Sorry but I am not sure what your asking for. You can search for an authors name - Top right. and find them that way so you can send a PM.