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ideas for a dog carrier, adjustable height or telescoping Answered

I want some ideas that you may have for a carrier.
I want to bring my Dog on an airplane but he can't ride in cargo because there is a summer ban on dogs during hot months. I must fly before the end of the ban.
The airline will allow a dog in the cabin in a soft carrier, if the dog and carrier are less than 10kg.
My dog is 7kg so the carrier can be up to 3kg.
It must be 27cm high 40cm wide and 55 cm long or smaller
the foot print is fine for my dogs they could lay down comfortably, but the height is small. I want to make a telescoping carrier so it can fit under the seat on the plane, but can open up for comfort in the airport and when moving.

Any ideas are welcome and I'll post it as my first instructable once I make it





8 years ago

Fabric with a hard floor  and sides designed to fold without crowding the dog strikes me as the simplest answer. Stiffen just part of the wall so the top isn't resting on the dog when the sides are folded down.

Or: Have a short  carryon (cat-style) pet case for the flight, *and* (if you feel you need it) a larger case for getting the dog to/from the airport.

Or: Don't fly with the dog during summer. Frankly, even for a cat the space under an airplane seat is pretty darned small, and that's for _one_ animal; you seem to be suggesting you have several. You already know how uncomfortable you get when crowded into economy-class seating. Do you absolutely need to inflict that on the pups?


Answer 8 years ago

Yes unfortunatly! I am moving and i need to leave the country on that day, and the dogs have to come or they go back to the kill shelter. The floor footprint is a nice size for them, its almost as big as their kennel. it's just the height. I hope they will just sleep the whole time.
If I didn't need to bring them I wouldn't this is going addd a whole new dimension of stress to an already stressful situation. We might add a stopover half way just to break it up. 15 hours is too long for anyone/anything although it might be better to just get it done with.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion. Ive got some hardboard(thick cereal box) and some corplast that I will start playing with. I' thinking two solid fabric walls with stiffener just to the  height I need. Two mesh walls with a stiffener at the top. Then another ring of mesh to get the height I want. a solid roof that I can carry from, and buttons that attach from the solid wall to keep it at the compressed height.