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ideas for where to get free barrels Answered

steel or plastic i do not care what they had in them i am not using them for water or food


I recently got some metal and plastic 55 gallon barrels from a local manufacturer of personal care products. Any food processing plant, bakery or manufacturing facility would have them. Getting them to let you have them may be a problem considering the liability and waste disposal regulations. All I had to do was ask.

Where in the world do you need them and how big do you need them?

It wouldn't seem any industrial company that uses 275 gallon totes would be giving them away for free, they are probably recycled somehow in their supply chain. Never really seen those plastic drums disposed of either. Maybe they all get donated to the cowboy rodeo clown association. Car washes use those drums to supply the detergents/waxes so maybe you can ask there. You do need a large quantity though.