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ideas needed for a horrible bathroom Answered

I recently rented a new flat which has a small green bathroom. The tiles look horrible (green with brown floral ornaments - 60's style) and cover the whole walls till up to the ceiling. The room also has a green bathtub. Now I need some ideas to make this room usable and not a constant pain to eyes. Please remember that this is a rented flat where I cannot simply tear down walls. It must be removable after I move out again.
I do hope this is the right forum to ask this.


I'm with craftyv, work with it by adding complimentary colors, maybe using the green as a background. Find other colors you like and lay or hang them.You might be able to hang a valance along the edges of the ceiling by stapling them to the ceiling. Give yourself a directive to come up with something then sit quietly with a pen in hand to write down what pops in. You'll come up with something good. Do not judge things that pop in. Just write them down. Then later, think about them. You may find that one idea spawns other better ones.

Due to your situation, renting etc. my suggestion is all about LIGHTING.Lighting at a high level in a bank or strip will bring light down and create a darker area above the light. Mirrors will also reflect light. If you think about this colour as current colour palate (which it is) try lemon yellow for towels draped over the tub and mats and even pictures. Definately do not use a darker shade for anything, I think it will improve it a lot. Change your mindset and work with it not against it. Lot's of luck
If you could paint the dark woodwork white it would be great. but.............

Oh, thought you meant you needed ideas to make a horrible bathroom. Nevermind, then...

As soon as I read that,  I thought of QC!

For those not familiar with it, two warnings - there are a couple of thousand consecutive strips to catch up on, and it occasionally presents alternative life choices that the more conservative reader may find offensive.*

*Tough, it's the 21st Century, catch up.

You have a big project ahead of you! Check the DIY Network site for ideas.

At first, when I saw the topic, I thought you :"wanted" a horrible bathroom, and I was going to suggest hanging the toilet from the ceiling......but seeing I was mistaken, I won't suggest that :-P

Keep with the 60's theme and put up some deep purple shag carpet on the walls. JK

But really get something you can hang in there to draw your eyes away from the tiles. Maybe some contact wall paper. A throw rug on the floor. And for the tub get a floor length shower curtain and keep that tub hidden. Since your renting I wouldn't do much at all that you could be held responsible for as damage.

A blindfold?

How is the OP suppose to aim in the morning? Even without one I miss the toilet most of the time! :-)