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identifying unknown electronic component? Answered

Could anyone tell me what the red electronic component might be?



Best Answer 4 years ago

It's a slow blow micro fuse 3Amp @ 250v one time fuse.

Looks like a 1/4 watt resistor, beige body with 1 brown stripe in the center of the body

Radial Lead Fuses

373 Series

TR5® > Fast-Acting > 373 Series

AMP CodeRated CurrentVoltage Rating

1160 1.60A 250V

BTW, Thanks for the best answer.

Presuming you know the item in your possession.

All I know when searching the TR5® > I read ... Slow-Blow ..... But I was tired and could have scanned the article badly :-(

It did make sense to me that a fuse that needs soldering to change would be less annoying protection if it was not a hair trigger.

I know I would never put such a fuse in any of my creations !