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if i were to dremel the corners off the GBC cartridge so it'd fit in the DS lite, would the game play? Answered

the GBC games cannot fit into the DS lite due to small notches inside the DS. i was looking, and it seems as though a bit of modding on the cartridge will allow the cartridge to be inserted. now, if i were to do that... 1. would the game still stay in? 2. would the game still play?


Unfortuneately, no. The game would not play. The Nintendo DS software operating system was not meant to recognize Game Boy Color games, let alone Game Boy games. The DS would not recognize the game as valid and would therefore tell you that either there was an error, or that there isn't even a cartridge inserted.

no ! thousand times no ! Classical GB cartridges (and color ones) works under 5V, Advance ones, works under 3V. Furthermore, NDS haven't the correct chip in order to play GB games. Even if you can fit a GB or GBC cartridge in a NDS, NDS Lite (by modding the cartridge), the game can't run. The only solution to play originals games is to use an emulator on the NDS.


9 years ago

I have cut the grooves perfectly on my gbc rugrats game (pretty lame). It now locks into place in my ds and doesnt fall out. The game still doesnt play. (I did not break the game, it still works on my gbc and gba sp)

To my knowledge, they intentionally made the carts not fit. This could be for several reasons. Firmware incompatibility, hardware changes to the connector...or more likely - they wanted to sell more games. Give it a try. It wont stop the game from fitting in an old gbc - so the game shouldn't be wrecked...but it may fry your game, or the ds.

Rather than dammaging it, get a triangle screwdriver (~$1) and remove the plastic body of the cartridge and try it.

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