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if we had two moons how would that in theory effect earth? Answered

gravitational differences, water, magnetic poles anything?



4 tides guess assuming the moons didn't orbit each other.

A very confusing lunar calender.

Sightly less gravity due to the opposing pull of the moons.

If there were two moons, then a week would be eight days long, and two of these days would be Mondays. This is true since the days of the week take are named after the things in the sky that move against the fixed stars. i.e

Sunday for the Sun
Monday for the Moon
Tuesday for Mars
Wednesday for Mercury
Thursday for Jupiter
Friday for Venus
Saturday for Saturn

Thus, if there were two moons, there would be two Mondays.  That is to say there would be a day of the week named for each of those two natural satellites, whatever their names turned out to be.

Seems to me i had two Mondays this week already.

You know the week's not over yet!

A lot stuff gets blamed on the Moon, including Mondays,  but how much of it is really the Moon's fault? I think that's what this song is about:

Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite

Or maybe the song is about something else.  In any case, it was all this talk about the Moon that reminded me of it.


6 years ago

You are assuming the same synchronous orbit for both moons
highly unlikely. The closer  moon would orbit faster resulting in
a vastly different ancient history, tides would be...  Well they would :)  ..

We might all be tripeds LoL ! !


Wait a minute--- Your not a triped?? Rats, yet another long surgery. Next your going to tell me that you only have 2 eyes.

Isn't science a Gas  :-D


6 years ago

Look how many moons Jupiter has. Having multiple moons is actually much more common than only having one. One thing that is unusual is the size of the moon. Its bigger than most moons are.
Having another moon would have an effect but how much of an effect would depend on its size.
What would be more interesting would be if the moon had a moon, which would be totally possible.

Also, the dynamics of the bodies would change over time. The current moon was at one time at a different distance than it is today. Orbital dynamics predict that it will eventually disintegrate and become a series of rings. But that is not going to happen for a very long time.