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if you mix sodium chlorate with nitric acid , would you get sodium nitrate and hydrogen chlorate? Answered


if you mix it with hidrolic acid what would happen?

or judgeing by your other misspelt words, incorrectly spelt

I'm not sure, But I think due to the hight acidity and reactivity of nitric acid you'd get sodium nitrate and chloric acid or alternatively you may get sodium nitrate, chlorine and oxygen produced, the oxygen would go into the atmosphere along with some of the chlorine, BUT some of the chlorine may dissolve in the water to give a mixture of hydrochloric and chloric acids. this is however beyond my very limited chemical knowledge, and neither theory may be correct.

As Kiteman has asked why?

And no, you wouldn't. 'Nitrate and perchloric acid perhaps, which is rather hazardous stuff - don't do it.


You'd probaly get a mess... Sodium chlorate is listed "incompatible" with acids - mixing them can produce violent reactions or hazardous vapours and fumes. What are you actually trying to make or do?