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ignition system for pyro system Answered

on youtube i found a video of a wrist mounted flame thrower, i decided to make one after seeing mark 3 of the project, i have a basic schematic, yet i lack an ignition system, i need something that will instantly ignite it, the ones i have seen so far need to heat up before they can do anything, so i was wandering about a capacitor bank running from 9v batteries. would that work?, any help would be appreciated.



You can just use a starter from a gas grill that is what I have seen work the best and they are pretty cheap and already ready to go no dismantling to get to the part.

Posting a link to the YouTube video would be very helpful, so we're all on the same page.

Yeah, I did the same search before posting. I was a little surprised, too. I suspect that a stun gun (a real one, not a disposable camera) would probably make a pretty good igniter, but I'd like to see the device in question before I could be sure.

if you get an old disposable camera from your local drug store you can get a semi compact ignigtion system if you take out the flash and hook wires to it.