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im 12 and i taing my girlfriend to the movies tommorow and we plan to makeout then but im not sure what to do? Answered

i eed to know what to do me and her have no idea how to makout and we want to tommorow but we dont know what to do. im taking her tommorow i need instant feedback please


You shouldn't be satisfying your lust to that extent.


You shouldn't be satisfying your lust to that extent.


Hey man. Im 13, so listen up, whether your 17 or NOT! Do you know wat the hell the word "makeout" means? Its to KISS PASSIONATELY. You were not at that age yet at the time of your first DATE. Thank u.

Q: I am 12 And I am taking my girlfriend to the movies tomorrow and we plan to make whatever I am not sure what to do.

A: First This should be in the Life Section

Your Choices

1)Make out

How to Go on a Date

how to kiss

2) Go on the Date just don't make out.

3) Say your Parents would Kill you.

4) Hope it's Weird for her.

Your Asking us What to do It's Really up to you do what you think is right.

Your Twelve Stick to Hugging!

5) Don't take it all the way.
Seriously. And if you don't know what that means... Well... You'll find out.

Oh, and Spiritwolf...
You're using your "your"s incorrectly (Your 3rd and 4th ones. Not your 1st and 2nd). You're supposed to use your "you're"s when you're talking about "you are." "Your" is when you're owning something.
Your grammar is fairly good, but I hope you're going to fix your "you're"s and "your"s in your future.

Note: I typed this just because I wanted to see how many "your"s and "you're"s I could fit in one paragraph.

Do you know what making out is? If not, it's pretty much just a long kiss.


Can help you feel more confident before hand, but when it comes down to it, you just have to do it. It comes pretty naturally, especially if you aren't too nervous about it or around her.

Since neither of you know how (that's what it seems, at least), neither of you will know if you're doing it wrong. Work together to do what feels right.

sounds like a lot of fun. (i totally relate(i know i spelled that wrong but i'm answering at 3:00in the morning)). first of all how did u get her to kiss u? do it as long as u both agree. do not go to far such as french kiss. make sure your lips aren't dry, slightly tilt your head to one side such as right and she so do the same. hold hands or hug her during the kiss unless it's just a quick one. remeber to breathe and swallow your spit. breathe through your nose. keep your eyes closed(i know you will want to wach the movie while u kiss but close your eyes). hope i got this to u in time. if i think of anything else i will post it. tell me how it goes. and remember have fun and enjoy it.

i am also AROUND twelve with a girl friend.