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im 13 in a week and my height is 5.4 is this normal?should i be embarrassed?whats my height gonna be when im 21? Answered


Most girls have their growth spurt a year or two before the boys. If you are feeling too tall the guys will catch up to you pretty soon; by the time they are 15 anyway.

I'm 5'1", married to a 6'1" man, with friends anywhere from 4'6" to 6'4". It's about who you are, not your height (unless you are installing towel racks and front door peepholes in a new house).

I'm 5'7", and I teach quite a few 13 year olds who are taller than me.

"Normal" is only real as a mathematical concept, which proves that everything between the greatest possible extremes is perfectly, well, normal.

So are you saying the kids are always looking down on you?

I don't think that is just an american expression but I could be wrong in which case that will mean nothing to you. But it's gotta be worth at least a chuckle.

A good rule of thumb for estimating your adult height is to double what you were on your second birthday. Barring disease or starvation, it is usually accurate to within an inch or so.


3 years ago

For what it's worth... some guys don't grow until their late teens. I went to school with two short guys from kindergarten to graduation. They were about my height - less than 5.4. I've seen both of them after age 21. Both were over 6'. The guy I married 40+ years ago is 5.3. As somebody said somewhere: Life is not a size.

Zan, @13 5'4" is just fine. People come in all different shape and sizes, and trust me when I say that no matter how tall you grow to be, your most important characteristics will be you, not your height.

In my world, (I'm what you'd call an old man) I know tall guys who get the girls, and I know short guys who get the girl. I know tall guys who don't get the girl, and I know short guys who don't get the girl (get the girl, if you know what I mean, brass ring, the job, the chance, the luck...whatever)

And I know the same of women . tall, short, inbetween, fat, skinny, hot, not...

With very few exceptions, it all boils down to them, not their shape or color.

make the most of what ever you are. And don't worry about how fast you grow. Be healthy, be faithful to your friends, be kind, be active!, be productive, and try to cultivate a positive spin on whatever your circumstance is.

Ps> bbbbbbut....the hot chick! the hot guy!..yeah whatever. injustice abounds, some things we just have to suck-up deal with. ;)

Growing big is just a normal sign of evolution.

In past couple of hundret years the average height of an adult changed from a bit over 1.6m to now around 1.8m, girls are not excempt from that.

By the way, my little niece is 13 and already a bit taller than you and she is fine with it.

It's really only a problem if you grow too fast and get joint / muskle pain very often.

Think of the positives: Reaching the top shelf in the supermarket is no problem, changing a lightbulb does not require a step ladder, you stand out in a crowd of people ;)

Growing big is just a normal sign of improvements in diet and medical care.

In the past couple of hundred years, with sanitation, refrigeration, antibiotics, vacinations, reductions in infant mortality, etc., the average height of a European adult changed form a bit over 1.6 m to now around 1.8 m.

Four generations in a species as sexually proclivious as humans is not sufficient for "evolution" (actually, natural selection) to make any observable difference.


3 years ago

If you were a tree that grows by a specific amount each year, predicting your eventual height would not be a problem. Trees just keep getting bigger, growing all the time at a specific rate, and then they die.

People are not trees. The amount they grow at any particular time is highly variable. It can even be altered by things like nutrition. Less food, less growth. And then at a certain point a funny thing happens. Everybody stops growing. That is because you are not a tree. When (the specific period in time dependent on each individual) those things happen can be generally predicted based on averages for a population. Did you know if you were to get an average height of a group of Masai and a group of Bushmen that not one member of the group would be average? Average is a mathematical number. It does not mean "everybody" is this. it means that most people might be in this range. If 100 is the average IQ then for every person who is smarter there is an equivalent number who are dumber. If you watch a lot of Youtube you might wonder if the numbers are skewed towards the dumber side. But have faith, the averages rule in the end. Why strive to be average when you can be extraordinary.

You will be fine

BTW your profile pic doesn't look like a 13 year old

if you really are concerned seek a doctor