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i'm collecting dead bic lighters and would like to make some sort of lamp shade or statue of some sort with them? Answered

any suggestions on any kind of project i could do with the lighters would great.


I habe a lot of empty bics


2 years ago

im looking for dead bics.. i want to make a mosaic i have about 150 i need many more it seems... im on a budget i would be able to pay but not too much,

Hey guys! I know this post is old haha but if anybody still has a collection of empty bic lights I am badly in need of as many as possible! Am willing to pay $$$ please email me mattdneil@gmail.com

I have over 3 thousand dead bics starting with some over a decade old. may sell if you put them to good use otherwise I keep growing the collection until I think of what to do with them.


3 years ago

i already collected almost 1000pcs.variety brands..any 1 intrested pls email to me :makuza21@gmail.com.tq

where can i get or buy like 400 dead BiCs?

i have like 600 dead lighters iv just been collecting them hoping that maby one day they might be worth something. do you know if they will be? even if they will i would sell you as many as wont. i can always get more. plus i could use the extra money. why do want them though if you dont mind me asking? what are they good for?

I'm interested in buying ,dead, standard size, (not mini), bic lighters. Do you have an idea of what you would sell them for? Michael_Darian@hotmail.com.

oh yeah and they are all Bics, all different colors and pics

@nicolep I have about 300 dead bics I've been collecting for sort of the same reasons, and I have to say 600 is a lot of dead bics.

lol, yes i know but like everyone i know smokes so they always give me there empty lighters, and i have been keeping them for a long time now. i would say i have exactly 600 but preaty damn close.

nicolep, im going to glue them to the bottom of this glass table i got in my house.email me at bradfootball63@aol.com

My son is also saving dead bics. He is making a curtain like those beaded ones from back in the hippy days.


8 years ago

make one into a zippo https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Zippo-style-lighter/

I remember seeing someone make rings out of clear bic lighters. How about slicing them (on a diagonal?) and gluing them together for a light shade?