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im interested in a whole house power conditioner and surge protection system, any ideas? Answered

i have a new house, 2900 sqft. 3 breaker panels

im looking for something i can put inline at the primary panel that will stop surges and keep my power at a solid 110v.


For your whole house??
Hire an electrician, and be prepared to pay him handsomely for this epic task.

Large AC capacitors

Capacitors conduct AC, they don't store it.


now if remember correctly, there are AC capacitors


No, those are motor capacitors rated for AC, they are a special kind of electrolytic cap. As Lemonie says, they DON'T "store" AC.

I wouldn't try and hold the whole house up, I'd put filtered feeds out to all the house power points that don't feed "big" loads and ARE sensitive to fluctuations, like your servers and your AV kit. Loads like the coffee machine in the kitchen or the refrigerator stay on the unfiltered feed. Precious loads like the server stay on a UPS, which act as a filter too, precious loads like the freezer need a generator supply, since they may need to stay up for a long time.

Resilient power systems take a lot of planning.


You'd want some kind of UPS then? Containing set of lead-acid batteries and an inverter, search for "Uninterruptable Power Supply"