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im looking for a free simple website builder Answered

anyone found a good one I'm going to build a website for my dads company it will be a pretty basic design with a photo gallery and maybe a q and a.



8 years ago

If your looking for only free Web Editor/Builder,you cab grab Instruction eBook "How to Craete Your Firsy website With KompoZer" 125 pages Free at Here which tells how to download thsi as well.
If you are looking for Free Web Hosting with Editer,you can visit There .

/You could use wordpress  its free and easy!

thankyou everyone fore the comments sorry i havnt checked back here in awhile I actually figured something out my and my brother are using dreamweaver and we are hosting it at home on an old computer. I might make aweb site for my dad eventually but he decided it wasn't that important.you can check out our work in progress website thebulb.us we made itjust for fun

Has the company bought a domain name and web-hosting, or does it plan to?<br />I'm guessing you're asking about creating pages (more than hosting),what you get/can use depends to some extent on the package.<br />Look around and you can find things, e.g. <a href="http://download.cnet.com/PageBreeze-Free-HTML-Editor/3000-10247_4-10366810.html"> I don't know but </a><br /><br />L<br /><br />


8 years ago

This site is really good forbeginners. It's a free hosting service that has 1.5 GB of space, and Ilove the site's features. You should give it a try.<br />

you can use an existing system like mediawiki / wordpress. it is easy to manage / update (everything thru wizards like in a forum) and got ready designs and templates (fill in and post) but has more requirements from the server

you can build in just html. an app i like is quanta - currently (3.5) its linux only but maybe they'll support all systems in 4.0

you can build html with notepad but its too complex for the task

Kompozer. Google it.

Is there a free website host that allows you to make your own PHP scripts?