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im looking to covert a paintball gun into an airsoft shot gun? Answered

shotguns are very versatile so i was looking to turn my paintball gun into an airsoft (bb) shotgun, any ideas?


Get a open shotgun shell that fits the barrel and put it in and put a ring at the end so that when you shoot the gun it pushes the shell to the end of the barrel and at the end it will stop letting the bbs fly away from the cartridge. I have a instructable of a cannon that i shoot bbs out of.


8 years ago

There is no way this will a happen, the best thin you can try, is to get a 20ga shot wad, fill it full of pellets, and stuff it down the barrel, you would have to put some napkin over the top of it to stop the bb's from rolling out, but this should work, sorry its only single shot though.

Just an idea, but make two holes on either side of a large paintball and drain out all the paint, then put BB's into the holes, then seal it up somehow.  Then get a barrel too small for the ball so that you get a barrel break and you should get a nice spray effect.

 You can try yo use the napkin idea but make them slightly smaller than the guns barrel and use them like paint balls tell me how it goes.

Try stuffing the bbs in a cheap napkin, then stuffing the resulting wad down the barrel.  Make sure the bulk of the excess napkin goes in first!  I've used this for my pneumatic "spudgun" to do the same thing with regular (copper or steel) bbs.  The steel bbs shred the napkin and replicate a shotgun blast.  Might work with airsoft, if the tissue is weak enough.  I haven't seen much use in experimenting with non-lethal ammunition, tho, so good luck!

sorry i forgot to mention that i want it to be semi-auto like my paintball gun.


8 years ago

You could try lightly gluing airsoft bb's together to make mega bbs, then sanding them into spheres roughly the size of paintballs. Frankly though this seems like a pretty bad idea with any paintball gun you want to keep working for long