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i'm making a bass double pedal and i don't know how to set the mallets up so they react at different times? Answered

 i already know how to connect the pedals.


Is this a one-pedal-working-two-mallets version, or a two-pedals-working-two-mallets-via-a-linkage-rod version?

two pedals two mallets, i already know how to connect the pedals, just dont kow how to set the mallets up

If I understand what you're asking correctly, I think you'll need to attach the right mallet exactly like you would for a single pedal, and then attach the left mallet to either:

a) a roller bearing type of device that rides on the axle for the right mallet,
b) An extension of the linkage arm that works like a separate axle to the left mallet, attached alongside the right mallet frame

In my mind, the real trick would be figuring out how to attach the linkage rod from the left pedal to the right, but since you've got that figured out already, you should be good to go.

Try googling "Swivel joint", "roller bearing", and "rotary union" and see if any of those kinds of parts fit your design.

cool thanx i think i got it but before i start, ill put up a diagram in a few days just to be sure there are no flaws, k

One actuator has to be shorter than the other one.  Show me a picture of your setup and I"ll tell you where you went wrong.

i haven't actually started yet and im making it with two pedals, but i guess it would be cheaper to do it with one pedal wouldn't it, do you know what i would need if i made it with one pedal and if it would be easier?