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i'm making a usb fan, problem is its a 12v fan and usb is only 5v, would putting 2 plugs onto it boost the power to 10v? Answered


k i got the same problem i got some 12v ans and usb only uses 5v. u said to buy a converter? is this converter usb port too? where can I find 1? thx

No, putting two plugs together will damage the internal circuitry. It is better off buying a 5 volt fan.

No Find a 5v motor, (or rewind the one you've got) L

what do you mean rewind? sorry if i sound dumb :P

He means to literally take the wire off the coils in the motor and re-wind them to work on 5v. Since this is probably a brushless DC fan... can you even do that? The 12v fan might run on 5v, but if it doesn't or stops easily, then don't use it. You could burn up the fan. You can try making a DC-DC converter to step the voltage up to 12v. That would allow you to run 12v fans on 5v power from USB. Though be careful, the USB controllers aren't designed to handle that much current.

Yep, that's it. I've done it with transformers, but not motors. L


9 years ago

No, if you had 2 usb plugs in the same computer going to the same thing it would just short the power supply out because both go to the same place. A 12v fan should still run on 5v but it will be slower.