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i'm mortified Answered

noo! I have been scorned with the shameful mark of the jonas brothers! apparently adsense decided that it would be funny to plaster my page with the images of bad boy bands produced by the Disney channel. I know that my user name is mynameisjonas, but still, how could they?!?!?!?!?!? help instructables robot!


Who are the jonas brothers anyway?

They are a pop boy band spawned from the Disney music machine. You can check out their music on youtube. Appeals to similar pre-teen - teens demographics as Hannah Montana, Icarly, High School Musical, etc... Seems they are getting old and trying to do more serious music.

I just loved the South Park bit done on them  >:-) 

I'm not a huge fan of Instructables' ad system. If it wasn't for the fact that it keeps the HQ running and the staff fed I'd say something

We're working on getting better ads! In the meantime, if you're bothered, there's always adblock.

Adblock has been making my Instructables experience more enjoyable for some time now, so I don't mind. I'd rather have you guys working hard on cool projects than getting better ads!

Second, better AD's might mean they get more money. Although, they need money to make some cool stuff...

yeah. I think that they should have personalized advertisements, ones that are based on your instructable viewing history.

I've turned off adblock for instructables...I don't want to take away from your revenue. Are instructables ads based on clicks or page impressions?

Woah! Where've you been all this time? Hiding from someone? Are you a fugitive?

I've been on a secret government funded mission to bring the Mojave Antelope Federation to justice. Actually I've been dedicating my time to school and other things. All sorts of stuff happened and I wasn't able to be as active as I liked. It's all good now though, I'm (hopefully) back for a while.

Ah, been working with John Forbes Nash again have you ? LOL

*looks around*

*double checks*

You were on that mission too??

Err, I mean, ah, I understand. School. Other things. Of course.

He is hiding from the Instructable police.

lol But that must really suck, I just have random ads :-)

I thought you'd probably get evil lizard ads!

Oh, that would be funny on so many levels...

What the poopy? It seems that silly man is hating on Obama?!

Yowza. Do you collect this stuff on purpose, or just find it as you need to make points?

David Icke is part of British culture - he used to be a respected sportsman and sports commentator. He had a promising career in politics with the Green Party, then he went a little... odd.

Odd? Sounds like a nutcase to me. Check out his wikipedia article for a non-biased explanation of what I mean.


Ever heard of "humour by understatement"?

Oh, I see, you were aiming for a comedic effect there. ... LOL! Odd! That's funny!

Ow. My eyeballs just spontaneously ruptured rather than continue to view that...

Also, my computer now has 500 % more malware. I don't even have to scan-I can feel it.

Ack, I haven't seen stuff like that (nor have I looked for it) for like 30 years (way before the internet, when libraries and book publishers were king). :-)

Ah, I figured you would be revealed as the undercover Insurance man ;-)

Oh man is he gonna ask i have car insurance?

little green lizards that sell insurance around my area, end up getting invited for supper :-)

They taste quite good with maranara sauce...

*Cough* *Cough*

I mean, How dare you eat harmless Geckos!

We have a local Chef Paul Prudhomme restaurant nearby, and I have eaten there once (I love to try new things ;-)

I love how the other tab says how to take a screenshot...

hey! be nice to Mynameisjonas (not that I know him or are affiliated with him in any way), he is learning fast!

Well, they generate ads based on the topic of the page. If its a mac mod ible, there will be an ad for a retail mac. same applies for forums and members.

I click on ads for fun :D But again, that seriously sucks

Adblock - the way to freedom..

You mean that program will hide AD's and just leave blank ADs' sectors?

I use No Script but it's a pain sometimes. Sometimes I turn the ads on just so the site gets impressions like here on Instructables (I think that helps - doesn't it?).

Or he could just change his name! How bout "mynameisNewKidsOnTheBlock" ?

And he could set his website to smouch.net/lol (Don't browse the site!)