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i'm plagued with wasps ? Answered

i am sick of the little pests, all doors & windows closed etc. all i want to do is sit out & have a relaxing beer occasionally & or BBQ without getting dive-bombed. Any body got any good ideas? P.S. i have a cat & veg patch so don't want to use poison powder. 



i keep rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle when ever i see them in the house i spray them with it and they just die

Apparently this works. It imitates a wasp nest just hang close to where your sitting/BBQ

The wasps are very territorial and avoid the area of another nest.

Looks like an easy remake.

wasp thing.jpg

You're right, apparently it does work and it looks exactly like the bag my golf shoes came in, so I hang them up in the wasps favorite tree last night - and guess what? Hey presto!!!!!! I can't play golf 'cos my shoes are covered in angry wasps!!!! Don't worry, will retrieve them under cover of darkness later.
Thanks for all the petrol based answers but I forgot to put in my post that I can't find the nest but if i do there will be some hot wasp action.

i prefer to set fire to the nests (they are so flammable its unbeleivable) although it might be a good idea to do it at dusk or dawn when they are more settled and it would be a good idea to vacate the nest area after lighting because any survivors will be pissed off. hope i helped

I have a super dangerous method which I don't recommend unless you have the right conditions. I only use this remote from the house, pets kids, etc. and it works especially well at our cabin in the bush, or on our bush basher (vehicle) or remote sheds.

Wait until dusk or early morning when they are all on the nest, and throw a cup of petrol on them. The whole lot will instantly drop to the ground. If the nest is big, two people coordinate with two cups. 

As I said, super dangerous, but I've done it to nests as big as my head with hundreds of wasps. It would probably work well with other stuff such as insecticides, but this is a bush remedy I was shown by a farmer using what was at hand.

Whatever you do, do it at dusk or dawn when they are more settled and all on (or in) the nest.

We have these guys.


6 years ago

There are a number of brands of long distance spray wasp and hornet pesticides. Locate the nest and wait until near dark when the wasps have returned to the nest and give it a good soaking with the spray. Clean up the next morning and knock down the nest. I've used them several time with no ill effects on my pets.

The (slower) alternative would be a trap of some sort, but I don't know what kind of bait would attract them. I know I've seen yellowjacket traps...

This reminds me, I really should put up a bat house.

Actually, there's at least one instructable describing how to use the plastic-bottle fly trap as a wasp trap. See at right under "related". Dunno how well it would work...

Another nontoxic solution would be to blast the nest from a distance with a garden hose, then vacate the area until they've calmed down and gone looking for a less wet nest site.

(Indoors, I've sometimes used a spray bottle to soak a wasp until it can't fly, so it can be swatted more safely.)