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im tired Answered

tell me if anyone else feels like this I AM TIRED OF ALL THE 1 VIDEO INSTRUCTABLES man it makes me pissed off when all i see is a video yes i know it is easier but i quote "There is no rush to publish an instructable so do your best." -ewillhelm (i think) you know it might be easier to make a video but if your going to make a video please take 5 seconds to take some pictures maybe put something else in like words because for those fast readers who dont want to watching something they could read faster than a movie 1 pyro-



11 years ago

I live outside of town and I can't ge tanything faster than dial-up. It's impossible to watch videos.

try hughes net...i use that...its no cox but its not as bad as dialup...

FYI the Windows-Key Instructable video is not one to worry about missing. If you press that key it'll do something, if you press with e.g. D F M and anything else you feel like trying you'll find out. L

ich bin ein pyro, man, I edited the instructable according to your comments and added a secondary step where I have put a list with all the WinKey combinations shown in the video.

I wasn't deaf nor blind after you commented that with just 1(one) video and one step, it isn't really a true instructable.
So, I don't think it was really so difficult for you to oversee that a new step has been added to the instructable.

What should I have posted also? Screenshots? Sorry, but only using screenshots I cannot describe what the, let's say "Winkey+D" combination (Show Desktop) or "WinKey+M" does.
That's why I made this video in the first place.

Relax, it's my first instructable, only after you comments I realized that I've made a mistake and edited the instructable. What can I do, beginner's bad luck...
My next intructables will follow the unwritten rules of the community, won't make the same mistake again.

i should have admitted in my last comment that its not only yuors but others that i cant name also for screenshots do a picture of the keyboard then do the text boxes over the keys

That Instructable, even in its current form, does not merit an Instructable. It should have been a Forum post.

It is frustrating, especially because I have a spotty connection. I would rather just have pretty pictures and text, and a video to help me if I can't figure it out. :)

I agree. It would take very little effort to grab various frames from the video and construct the Instructable. I have no problem with including the video as an added feature of the Instructable, but you can't print out a video.

I agree with you 100%, I like to print instructables then go do them

I don't have a printer, but I'm not sure I would print if I did. And now I'm thinking that I've never made anyone else's Instructable. So, out of interest, which did you make? L

I do make a lot, mabey like 1 out of every 20ish, or if there really cool, I know I do a lot of the stuff on the computer, I haven't ever kept track. I also like to post Instructables, I get some crazy inner joy of making them and seeing what people say. The forums rock too.

I agree 100%. I think that a video of the Instructable in action is definitely a great add-on, but it should always include some sort of instruction and guide to make that project.