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Trying to make a dc , ignition coil powered tesla coil , but output at the secondary is very very poor,approx 500 volts Answered

iam trying to build a dc powered tesla coil, for that i've make use of ignition coil of  scooter or motorbike driven from a fan dimmer and mica capacitors, it works very well and gives powerful sparks the output is fed to the 4 salt water capacitors the primary is wounded in a 4 inch pvc pipe with 10 and half turns , and secondary is 28 swg on a 1.5 inch pvc pipe of lenghth approx 2 feet, but it gives too much week output sparks at the top load , give me some suitable solution , i have chosen this as my final year major project?


Is it sparking properly ? Play with the capacitor values - try a loop of wire close to the system, and put the loop into an oscilliscope, so you can see the system response.


yes sparking is happening properly at the spark gap when i uses 4 salt water caps, but as i told earlier output at the secondary is poor, and yes today i've tried various value of capacitors , let me show you with images string 1 contains 12 caps of value 100n 1000 vdc, and 2nd string of mica caps contains 10 caps of value ETR MEF 335J 275 VAC, but zero response , even they are not charging i connected them in series, nd yes i have not any oscilloscope becase im just a student of 21 of B.E, pls help me !!


As a student you must have access to a scope ! I suspect you've either got a shorted turn on your secondary, or you're just not tuned properly.

yeah , finally , i achieved success, it starts working, the out put is not so high , but satisfactory as per my expectations, i found the problem that my salt water capacitors were too larger , and the output of my flyback was poor, so i made a small size capacitor , and got success, but i'll try to do some more improvements
in it, any thank you so much for your help !!! :D see my 1st video of my first tesla coil...

Well DONE !

Beg, steal or borrow a scope though. No electronic engineer (or electronic engineering student) should ever be without one.


hey I would like to ask u a question are u using dc power and what is the voltage and current source

I am trying to make a Tesla coil as well I am using a car ignition coil pleas help

thanks for taking interest in my topic dude, ofcourse i'll try my best to help you,,,,,,,,,,yes iam using d.c but actually unidirectional D.c not pure d.c ,,,,,, as the basic requirement of igntion coil is that electromagnet field should collapse instantly to provide output spark , you can do so by making a square wave generator driven from a d.c source (i.e. battery or rectifier) or via electronic voltage speed regulator of fan , i'll suggest you to try fan regulator , its a best option ,rather than making a complicated ignition coil driver, because it require 555 timer based cktry, even im also using elec: fan regulator to driving my ignition coil of motor bike, and day by day im improving it,now it gives spark ~3-4cm......
best of luck dude !! (and yes im using directly ac supplt to feed my ignition coils connected in parallel , fan regulator is connected between neutral and ground ,, and two micanite capacitors in between phase and main coil winding) if you want to try arrangement as mine , i'll give you ckt diagram , and component's values>>

Show your circuit. What about the spark-gaps ?

thanks for replying , im going to show you my setup arrangement, please analyse this and give me ur important advice ! the spark gap is just two pieces of carbon of a AA size battery, i have tried many type of s.g , two stainless steel bolts, with a gap of 0.4 , spark plug etc, but i found this one (two carbon pieces more efficient) as the do not damage with extent heat. and im also confused about capacitors this time iam using salt water capacitors, last time i used 0.047 muf 1000 v dc with a microwave t/f , but not any success!!