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im trying to paint my nerf guns but one problem what type of paint to use that wont scratch off or sticky? Answered

i want a paint that isn`t sticky once dried and a paint that wont scratch off?


Check on a very unsuspecting area, like inside after taking apart:
Will a cotton swap with a bit of nail polish remover take the color of the plastic when rubbing and does the plastic feel a bit tacky after this?
If so then you have ABS.
For ABS you can use any paint that you can thin down or clean up with acetone.
Just thin the first coat with 20% acetone and work quickly.
For other plastics or if you want to use spray paint:
Get a plastic primer - they are designed to make paint stick on plastic that does not like being painted. Follow the instructions on the label to the letter!
You will need a quality product in a spray can for good and lasting results.
So opt for the stuff the heavy use on metal - if in doubt ask in the shop.
All paints can be scratched but a quality paint with a good polish (the stuff you polish your car with) should last a while.
Plus you can always fix small accidents with a quick spray and polish ;)

You need a paint suitable for the plastic your painting.