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im wanting to make some sort of high powered computer with several comp motherboards Answered

i would like to be able to connect several(5) computer motherboards together to make a computer that had slightly more power than a reagular pc.  i have most of the parts several hard drives and lots of wires i just do not have the know-how to do this . is there any way someone could help me? o i need a certain program or what please help  thank you.


The classic "DIY" supercomputer is called a Beowulf cluster, and CAN be made with commodity hardware. The best way to do it is with IDENTICAL hardware, like a load of mini-ITX boards.

However, only certain types of problem can be "easily" turned into parallel tasks, and, unless you need to do vast amounts of matrix algebra (like image manipulation, CGI and the like) isn't really worth it.


Recently there's been a tweak on that which uses a cluster of video cards, taking advantage of the fact that their rendering-assist processors are specifically designed for matrix manipulation.

And of course, back before they disabled the ability to boot Linux, a cluster of Playstations could be turned into a supercomputer that was surprisingly powerful for the money, for similar reasons (the Cell processor has its own vector-processing hardware). Alas, no longer, unless and until someone manages to bypass Sony's firmware change.

Ooo I get a feeling that because you had to ask, and admit a sever lack of essential knowledge this isn't going to go well for you.

Advice, get some experience on simpler things and build up to the BIG project.

Unfortunately, unless programs are written specifically to be split up among multiple processors, throwing more processors at them will not make them run faster.

Instead of several motherboards, why don't you try a powerful motherboard with a lot of memory and a RAID
Then you will enjoy a supercomputer to do anything you want. The sky is the limit!