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I got an imac and have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas?



11 years ago

What LasVegas said: the next step is to figure out just which iMac you have, so you have a better idea what it can do. The original 1998 iMac, with a 233MHz processor, is probably still acceptable for many applications short of image or video editing or heavy-duty gaming. Anything newer than that is better...
Check here for a general idea: Low End Mac iMac profiles I have an old (350MHz) G3 powerbook that runs OSX "acceptably for email and web surfing", so chances are that your iMac will run relatively modern software. (whether you want to PAY for modern software is a separate question. My general advice is not to spend money on very old computers, but to hit people up for free stuff, or use what's already there.)
It is also possible to run some versions of linux on some iMacs, although I'm not sure if that's useful for anything other than playing with linux.

Does it work? Did it come with CDs of any kinds? Do you know anything about macs in general?

Old iMacs are pretty cheap; perhaps as cheap as you can get a "ready to run" computer (ie with monitor) Computer geeks has several (though you'll need to add keyboard and mouse) for well under $100.

I just got a ready to run computer last week at a garage sale. Webcam, wirelsss ball mouse, keyboard, monitor...20 bucks. Though it was a pc :(

well, yeah. I meant like from a dealer. garage sales and dumpsters will be cheaper...

lol, gotcha. Apparently after I bought the computer, and my friends kept going, they found a place that had things like monitors for a dollar.

Now is a really good time to hit up friends for discarded monitors. If you've got money, LCDs are more attractive every day, and CRT tubes contain so much leaded glass that many areas are insisting that they be treated as hazardous waste, and are charging a fee to throw them away. A guy at work has two 20+ inch crts in his cube, plus the laptop display. I don't think he had to "request" ANY of them; just wander the halls for the places people left their old monitors when they upgraded (though policy says they aren't SUPPOSED to get an LCD if they have a working CRT, it still seems that the discarded and working monitors magically appear!)

I didn't buy it just was given the opportunity so i took it

Cool! Okay, the first this is to tell me which iMac you have. What color & shape is it? How many USB ports? Does it have Firewire ports. At the very least, tell me what model number it is (this would be on the bottom or side of the iMac.).

mac > pc! I bet you could make toast with it :P

You bought an imac without a particular use? Give it to me ;)

Turn it on!