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in need of a clear thermoplastic Answered

Hi :)

Im looking for a thermoplastic which stays clear, and becomes pliable in hot water to then use to mould , i believe it comes in round sheets.

I have been told that it is acetate,although I’m not sure about this now, and that it comes in sheets, anyone got any ideas? 



Hi guys :) thankyou..ill add a photo so you can see the type of thing im trying to achieve.


clear pvc sheets are available. ive bent pvc pipe after heating in salt water. salt raises boiling temp. its easier to not get burned when working dry, however. gotta take care not to burn th plastic, tho.

ethyl vinyl acetate, used for athletic mouthguards, is softened in hot water before forming it to ones teeth. unsure whether this is the same acetate which is used to protect pages in a notebook.

How thick do ya need the stuff?

I noticed though that looking through the product, I didn't run across 'clear'. That probably doesn't mean that you can't get it though. Good Luck!