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in your 3 axis DIY CNC Answered

how can  the y-axis move
how I can connect my y-axis motor to make it move over y-axis
one thing more: should I send the picture to my microcontroller as binary matrix or what
please answer my fastly
with my best regard


what is mach3? 

I get it  the motor make the pulley move the timing belt which make the bridge moving
thanks again for your interist

You mean this one ?

I can't see the detail of the Y axis myself, have you downloaded all the drawings ? 

The "pictures" have to be processed by Mach3 or linuxEMC, before they are sent to the machine.

it was under hadline:How to make a 3axis machine(cheaply and easly)
from gonzalo48
thank you for your interest 

This is why when people start typing in the answers sidebar we need instructables to include a link to where they came from.