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increase cell phone signal coverage.? Answered

on the top floor of my room, i have enough range for my mobile. but on my ground floor, the coverage is very low. my cell phone network is bsnl. is there any way to capture that signal, boost it and transmit the signal inside the entire house?? 
if we can successfully make a device or a circuit for this then it will be a very usefull work for all..
thanx in advans!!


I tried multiple times to increase my cellular coverage and to get a better signal, but all of my attempts failed, it just ended up being a huge hassle. Finally I signed up and got service at the Bell - Sheppard centre. It was a really reasonable price, and now I have great service and don't have to worry about the signal and dropping calls.

This guy did it using an old satellite dish receiver: https://www.instructables.com/id/Use-a-Satellite-Dish-to-Improve-Your-3G-Wireless-M/

Don't they have a aftermarket antenna that could "boost" reception? I know I've read about them somewhere but have never seen the need to get one since I hate cell phones and refuse to use one if I can. Look on goggle I'm sure they are out there somewhere.

DIY cell service boosting is very very hard, from what I've seen on similar questions. There are devices that you can buy that do this, they are called cell repeaters or cell service boosters, but they run upwards of $150.


I agree with bwrussell... I posted a similar question (except mine is for boosting a signal outdoors to a remote area), and the fact is, its not easy to do.

When your signal is impeded in your home your only really good, reliable option is to get a cell phone signal booster. You can find plenty of them online, but since you are in India, I would suggest that you find something that specifically states it works for your region and cell service.