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indoor bbq-er that fits on and uses my gas kitchen stove Answered

I live in an apt and am not allowed to use a bbq on my porch but have a natural gas stove in the kitchen. any instructable for making a bbq-er to fit on my kitchen stove? If it uses lava rock just like the outdoor gas bbq-ers it'll be great



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Hiya, sorry if this came too late but I have the perfect solution to your question.
Please watch this short clip (2 minutes) showing a novel cooking device that allows anyone to cook nice BBQ steaks in any season on your gas cooker. The devices is oil free, smoke free and low fat so it helps keeping fit and eating healthy. Depending on the type of meat, the cooking time is extremely short (15 to 30 min) which helps with the gas bill, too. Here is the UTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=vu6dAnY_SPo
here is the site where you can buy it from:
Cheers. Anna

i use a old pressure cooker w/pressure gauge removed, so it cant build pressure, i puy dry hickory sawdust on the bottom of it,i put the pork on a rack w/ a pie pan suspended below it to catch drippings so they dont get the sawdust wet. can put water or beer in the piepan. i cook it overnite on an electric stove, no problems w/smoke alarm, but house smells nice

a gas bbq isnt a bbq its a piece of (explicit)

One of the problems with a real bbq indoors is that you will generate an intense amount of smoke no matter how careful you are and probably have a device that is not safety rated. It would immediately set off the smoke alarms and putting a homemade rig attached to your gasline would void your apt lease. There are commercial "grills/smokers" for restaurant use but they are for facilities with smoke hoods, fire suppression and larger gaslines. At home, the best you can get is cranking up the broiler, use a woodchip smokebox, or various slow-cooker roaster electric devices. A cast-iron grill pan is not the same nor is a George Foreman grill nor any rotisserie device. So, depending on the type of bbq you want to make, you'll have to go somewhere outdoors like the rest of us dreaming of real bbq.

Thanks Caitlinsdad, for setting me down to earth (sob), but you are right on in all points you've mentioned. I have tried other grillers/rotisserrie devices which is why I was dreaming of a real bbq-er.