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inexpensive DIY outdoor girl birthday party ideas Answered

i want to make my daughter birthday one she wont forget. my only problem is... im a single mom of 4 teen boys and my daughter chevelle-8.  money is real tight but im not above making as much of it as possible. this is the first year that she wanted a birthday that was girly. she wants a frozen theme party. i need some ideas of diy eats, deco and anything u might be able to help me give her a great party. we have invited her class and her baseball team.  please help!!!



3 years ago

Trying to remember outdoor magical moments... probably the best was at camp making little boats/rafts out of stuff found in the woods plus a birthday cake candle. The 'ceremony' was lighting the candle (with help), making a wish and launching them on a lake at night. I think we sang songs and watched them float away.

So maybe an afternoon party in a park or boat launch area with a Frozen theme scavenger hunt , cook out, and ending in the evening with launching rafts made of ice with tiny birthday cake candles on water somewhere.

Giant soap bubbles seem pretty magical. I think there are some ibles on how to do it.

If it's all girls and not too crazy, teach them some poi moves and let them dance in a field to Frozen music. There are some very cool looking poi ribbon things that I can't imagine any girl not having fun with. You could probably make them. Check out playpoi for basics and ribbon poi.

pin the carrot on the snowman maybe