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inexpensive, easy craft ideas for elemntary students to make boutiners & coursages for their Winter ball Answered

We are having a winter ball for my kids elementary school, and i thought it would be cute for them to make boutineres and coursages for themselves and their parents to wear during the dance. Loooking for ideas that are very inexpensive and easy to make. They are pre-k - 5th graders. Also something quick would be good since the ball is  2 1/2 days away



8 years ago

When you filled in the tags with craft & kids, corsage, boutinere, paper flowers, you did the site a favour. It is now displaying the sort of things you might want to look at, on the right-hand side under where you (wondertwen) appear.
Have a look and click on them - also look in the same place for more on subsequent pages.