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information about acrylic... Answered

This is an excellent site, but sometimes I just want to do the simplest or thing. For example, I want to build my own acrylic display case for a model I am making. What I'd like to know: 1. where can i get acrylic/polycarbonate 2. what kind of tool are used to cut them 3. what kind of tool/glue are used to connect them basic information about common DIY materials like that. While I'd appreciate any help in replys, perhaps there should be a section (wiki-like perhaps?) dedicated to that for beginners like myself?


Most helpful!! Thanks guys.

you can get generic acrylic at a hardware store. lexan costs a lot more. hacksaws and dremels (on low speed) can cut them. the best choice is a scroll saw if you have one. a jigsaw works, but leaves very messy edges. silicon glue can connect them. the best choice however is plastic cement, which fuses the parts together for ever.


10 years ago

Check your phonebook for a place like Tap Plastics; they have all sorts of stuff along these lines; way fun to browse through. They also custom-make things, and can/will probably have good advice if you want to do it yourself.