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inrush current make mcb trip Answered

Hi all, i have a problem with my miter saw, it run at 220v and have power 1.8Kw or 1800w
my house power can provide 2200Va,
the problem is, when i start the miter saw the MCB will trip, 
so i must turn off all my electrical home aquipment , than i can use my miter saw.

i try to search on g**gle and find that it need some slow start, or soft start so the mcb will not trip again.
it cause from inrush current, when the motor start.
but the slow start 

some forum in indonesia say it can be done by using capacitor bank. to repair the power factor
but there is no explanation what size of capacitor bank we can use for any diffrent load...especially a big load like mitter saw

for sure, how can i reduce inrush current from the miter saw? what should i do?


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