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install drywall board on plaster wall? Answered

I need install drywall board onto existing plaster walls, there are no wood frames inside the plaster, inside of half  to 1 inch plaster are clay blocks. can I screw the drywall board to the plaster wall  without adding any additional supports? what kind of screws shoul I use for?



You can use either construction adhesive, screws, or both.

Screws: regular drywall screws. You mention that there is "no wood frames inside the plaster", there must be something the lathe and plaster is supported by. Either way, ensure you hit the lathe or the studs behind. Longer screws are probably a good idea.

Adhesive: Since you're in Canada, lepage and PL both have lines of products found in most hardware stores.

Both will work and are straightforward to install.


8 years ago

'd try gluing it with "panel adhesive" that comes in pint tubes (here in the U.S.). It has a quick tack time, and I've used it for miles of panelling. I like to make a big "X" shape across the back of the panel, and then "fill in" the resulting triangles with circles or ovals. No need to spread the glue either. 

Hi, I am mao mao. Thanks for answering my question.
This is a commercial building, has been unoccupied for three years, all windows are open through the all season of the year, it’s in Canada. The surface of plaster walls was painted and the paint was partially peeled off. There are 28000sqft walls need to be recovered by drywall board.
Hi, I am mao mao. Thanks for answering my question.

It might work, would depend upon the surface condition of the plaster. What glue would you suggest?


PU foam. Damp the board slightly, squirt with foam, let that "free-rise" for a few minutes, but still staying sticky. Stuff board on wall and hold. If you're careful to wait beyond the foams rise time, you get great, quick results.

Yes, that sounds good - plenty of surface area.