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install glass in cabinet doors? Answered

remove cabinet doors middles and replace with glass



It'd probably be easiest to start from scratch and make your own doors. But if you wanted to do it the harder but ultimately cheaper way... cabinet doors with center panels are glued at the corners but the center panels themselves are left unglued with a decent amount of open air in the joint, so that they can expand and contract with changes in moisture and temperature. So theoretically, i'll you'd need to do is cut off one side of the cabinet and pull out the center panel, then replace it with your glass one, then reglue (or more likely, refit a new piece). It's important that you leave space in the joint for your door to expand and contract, especially once there's glass in there; glass is relatively static and if you install it while the door is expanded with no wiggle room, it will probably crack once it contracts around the immoble glass panel.

I think what the question is How to remove the door panel and replace with glass right? I guess it all depends on the door style.. Can you take a few closeup pictures of the door on both sides to see what they look like?

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