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installing windows on a blank hard drive? Answered

i have a acer aspire 3680 with vista pre installed on it.
the hard drive has a problem, when i boot it jams right before the login screen (black screen)
when i try to boot in safe mode the loading stops at crcdisk.sys then jams.
i have tryed putting the harddrive of my other laptop in it(vista), and it works perfectly (boots and everything)

so i target the hard drive. i want to install windows xp on it but when i boot the computer from the cd it says:
it cant find something

would it work for me to take a laptop who has windows 7 on it, remove the hard drive put the one from my acer on it boot it and install windows xp on the acer drive while in the windows 7 laptop without damaging anything on the windows 7 laptop?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Basic answer is yes, but. First if the hard drive has a problem, putting it another computer to install the OS will not fix it. You need to do a drive scan and find out if it has bad sectors. Not just the little short scan but a full surface scan. Also a utility like speed fan that can access the SMART on the drive will be able to pull the log and tell you if the SMART is detecting any problems.
Next, if you do install the OS on a different computer, as soon as you put it into the other one and boot from it it will have to go through the entire finding new hardware routine. And if you made the mistake of activating it, it will deactivate and demand to call mommy (Microsoft). Sometimes when you do this the drivers it installed for the first system will not be compatible and will cause blue screens or just become unbootable. So this would be a trial and error process. It might work, but if the drive is bad its going to mess up no matter what computer you install it on.

thanks everone for your answers, i realised that the acer didnt read the windows cd on boot because i would not give it enough time before choosing the option boot from cd. on boot i pressed f12 it showed the boot selection, i waited a minute or so, then choosed the cd rom option and it worked for windows xp, luckely the sata drivers were automatially found

If the windows xp setup tells you it can´t find the harddisk, it is possible it doesn´t have the drivers for the chipset (esp. SATA)... In that case you need to make a modified setup disk with the neede drivers included....unfortunately i don´t know any english software that can do this (i´m german...) but maybe someone else here does...

A new HD is Sooo cheap these days is it worth messing about??