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instructable comments, upvoting and downvoting? Answered

So, the point in asking this is: I really would not like to see instructable comments become something like a youtube page, where you scroll down only to be disappointed in the quality of the comments.  As a community based site and just the fact that I scroll down and groan at people's choices in just trolling (and I know, I've done this before) -is there a possibility in a Reddit-style comment upvoting and downvoting, and sort by best comments?


This site very rarely descends into the kind of name-calling and insipid insults that plague YouTube. Even when the comment is just an off-topic silly joke (something of which I am frequently guilty), it's almost never mean-spirited. The occasional flame war or endless bicker does happen, but more often, differences of opinion are debated civilly and respectfully (Kelseymh & NachoMahma's discussion of gun rights springs immediately to mind as a shining example of how all message boards would work in a perfect world).
My opinion is that the effort of implementing a comment-rating feature would greatly outweigh the benefits, especially since there are other features that I'd rather see implemented first, like more advanced search options on the new Google search function.
That said, if you'd like to bounce this idea off of the Instructables staff, I'd suggest starting a topic in Community:Feedback. They're more likely to see and respond to it there than in Answers, I think.

.  Agreed. There are other features/bugs that deserve the resources more. Plus what yokozuna said.
.  Since kelseymh is usually right (~99.999%* by my estimation), I try to cut him some slack on the rare occasions when he is wrong (eg, gun rights). :p
*NOT 9-repeating, just five nines. <snicker>

:-)  Well, thank you very much!  I'm not sure my percentage is quite that high -- I'm just really good at sounding like it is ;->

Nice idea- but I feel it is a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, 'ibles community is an intelligent, curious, polite and supportive refuge in the insanity that is the web (world?).  The citizens of 'ibles police comments and themselves very well.

 well you already can FLAG comments but like RMS said we USUALLY dont get to the point of disturbing and or offensive comments that musch and if there is one on your orangeboard or on an ible you are looking at just flag it

The be-nice policy pretty well takes care of the trolling, and you can always flag comments you think violate terms of the website.  If you look around, most of the comments are positive and often provide as much or more information than the original posting.