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instructable not showing up Answered

my instructable says that it is posted and the direct link to it works but it doesnt show up under the technology section or through a search. it has been 3 days since i have posted it and i dont know whats going on because all my other instructables i have posted showed up within an hour


Ah-ha - got it! Last night we updated the site a bit and had an issue with the recent feed. I bet you posted it when that was going on. Didn't get caught in the filters, just drifted out to space!

I unpublished it and then published it again and now it's showing up in the recent feed. :)

Your Instructable appears to have been caught in the website's filters (intended to stop things that shouldn't be posted here); so it will need to be cleared by a staff member. Since Instructables is on Pacific Standard Time, and you published during the night, there wouldn't be too many staff members available (its not even 8am yet), but it will get looked at as soon as possible.

I hope that helps. :-)

Actually, it does help a lot. Thank you!
What do you mean that it's before 8 AM? Doesn't everybody get up at 5 AM to get ready for the day?

Just kidding! have a great day!

Dr Qui

6 years ago

I posted 2 Ibles on Saturday and only the first is showing, I have another Ible pending but I will not post until i see that last one appear.

seems to have happened again with my new Ible


6 years ago

The same thing happened to me on my `15th ible. It says I only have 14

I've cleared it from the filters, it should be live in the next few minutes.

It got caught it our filters, I've freed it. Should show up soon. :)


Perhaps one the Staff Members can look at this.