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instructables glitch Answered

just a glitch that i found. might work on your accounts but it defiantly works on my account.

make a new account and make its user name the same as your older account but put a plus sign (+) at the end. now try to go onto your new accounts profile and it will take you to your old accounts profile. 

this is crazy and even though both accounts are unconnected it still works.
i think it might be because in the search bar at the top it reads the + sign as something else so it leaves it out and takes you to your old accounts profile.


. That's just how URLs work. "+" is translated as a space and trailing spaces are ignored.

That explains everything!!!

Still, instructables should stop you from having that sign in your username.

Oops!!! I didnt actualy know that you had posted the same thing first. Sorry

Don't worry, it was a long time ago.

We had a brief rash of people impersonating other members. Even I had one.

It was "Kitman", and they used my avatar as well.