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instructables killed hours of work when I clicked 'publish' Answered

I just spent a large part of my day writing this instructable.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Budget-Driving-Wheel-Stand-for-Racing-Simulators/ 
8 steps, lots of pictures, words, the whole bit. 
I clicked 'publish' and ... all there is is the intro. AND It's not even the full intro. I'm so mad I could spit! 
Why did you do this to me, instructables?! I clicked save a bunch. Viewed the preview. It all worked until 'publish' . 

Now I'm going to give up and cry for a while. 



This topic should really be in Feedback, or even Bugs (@Jack - you can edit the topic to move it).

I get this problem occasionally (the introduction of my last Instructable got eaten by the publishing process), so if I am going to do a long step, I tend to write it in a Word document first, so that I can replace it easily, just in case.

kiteman, I'd didn't see a bugs topic when I initially posted the topic. I can't seem to move it anywhere, either. When I click "edit topic" it just drops me back on the homepage! Le sigh

OMG there's a history function!! I"M SAVED!! YAY!!!!!

This has happened to me so many times, and I haven't been saved by history!

I like to open a preview of the Instructable in a new tab, and refresh it every couple minutes.

I also copy paste the whole Instructable and send it to myself by email. Thanks to this I don't think I've lost even a sentence-worth of an Instructable in 2017 :)

Same story here and one of the reasons I am now so lazy when it comes to making an Ible, apart from the lack of time...
Can't be 100% sure but I think it is related to how much time you "waste" working on an Ible before you publish.
After a few hours it seems the login details for the editor page are lost, so clicking publish (or smetimes even save) will not include what you did over the past few hours.
In some cases I also saw the autosave did no longer appear - you know when you edit a tiny bit and go to a different step it comes up in the corner...
My "workaround" (should actually make an Ible about Instructable workarounds LOL) :
Keep it all in a single step and without pics apart those uploaded to the top bar or your attachments.
When ready for the final changes and tuning paste it all into Notepad++.
If any formatting or such is used do so after switching to the HTML view.
I sometimes add some meaningful text in italic to highlight where the next step should start or where I want a pic in the text.
Spelling check, corrections and so on I then do in Notepad++ and paste each completed step back into the Ible.
After checking the preview works I continue but not without saving the Ible too.
This way I can build up two identical copies with the Notepad++ one only missing the images.
Before publishing I check the preview with all steps active so I can scroll through it.
Now the fun bit, to avoid loosing it anyway when clicking on publish I close the editor and all so I can open it again from my drafts.
Doing that makes sure all is there and that it will be saved in this stage instead of whatever the ghost of the editor decides.

And no, the history function never helped my here I always had to start from scratch :(

Yeesh, that's a lot of work. I hope some autodesk homies are paying attention, because this kind of stuff can kill a site over time. :(

I think it is not really that easy :(
Keep in mind:
There are different browsers, operating systems and of course users who like to customise their safety and network experience.
What might be a problem for you could have been a once off that you never see again.
And just because some of us get it more often than others does not mean it really is a common problem.
As said, somtimes time itself is the culprit - you spend a few few hours checking and modifying but don't notice that you get a tiny error pop up when the auto save fails....
I agree it should be persistent and maybe bigger but at least he warning is there.

And for the same reasons I don't think it will affect the site in any way.
Thausand people can publish today without any problem at all, one might get stuffed today or tomorrow but in a percentage to indicate failure of the system it can be neglected.
If we could reproduce the problem every single time we can fight a problem, right now we fight against a shadow ;)

I suggested that before the site lets you close the tab, there would be a tab that asks you if you're sure you want to close the tab.

That's was probably around a year ago...

I like how you added "yelling" in the tags ;)


7 months ago

Happy for you !