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instructables shop Answered

i think instructables needs a shop for us to buy hats and other stuff.



11 years ago

ya thats what i was thinking the logo and some sort of slogan.

I beleave "STEP-BY-STEP COLLABORATION" is the slogan...

To date, you can only get Instructables merch by participating in a monthly contest. Instructables has given away t-shirts and patches so far. Creating a good instructable with photos and clear instructions and entering it in a contest is the best way to get some free Instructables stuff.

Or interning at Instructables... ;-)

i'd sport a cap or shirt as long as there was more than just instructables.com plastered on it. (i'd put an idea but i don't think they could use it if i did...)

I dunno.... try us. Post your idea of an awesome logo.

PS - Here's a photoshop file and PNG of the current logo. Go nuts! (Click on the "i" on the image to get to its page and download the original.)