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interesting video(not something stupid, its serious) Answered

this is the video, around 20 minutes long. but worth every second

she even pwns radio shack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man, it's too high for my bandwidth. But I got the first 1:30. I think I get at least the gist. I actually think 2nd world and maybe some 3rd world countries will have the easiest transition to better technology cycles, as they won't have to fight existing infrastructure. Like how all of Africa, it seems, is covered in good cell phone signals, but I can't get one in Kentucky. Most countries in Africa didn't have to fight existing infrastructure to put up cell towers. Just had to lay power lines.

well, theres a lot more to it. i mean a LOT more. it talks about how companies make products that will work great then break on purpose so you buy a new one. and how the fashion industry does the same thing by switching "styles" every so often

Well, I'm familiar with factory-planned obsolescence and I stopped being instyle about 5 years ago. In general, I try to buy at yard sales (or dumpster dive) things I need. Actually, there are very few things in my house that are purchased, and even fewer that are new. How's that for recycling?

lol and i thought i was the only one who dumpster dived for new things... i got a pair of computer speakers that were probly thrown away due to chewed cord yesterday!

A real good example are supposedly Green automobiles (or ANY automobile for that matter). When I was young, a Studebaker would last a minimum of 25-30 years if you maintained it. Can you imagine owning a present-day car for 30 years? Most of them become nearly junk just after the 6-8 year warranty runs out.

toyota camrys and small trucks(like you see in foreign countries with AK-47 armed militants riding in the back. its because they last) seem to last. im inheriting a 1982 chevy custom delux from my dad and the only thing that had to be replaced is the cap for the water pump and the carbuerator(and thats a funny story. the engine isnt a stock engine, its a 350 block instead of 300 i think and the mechanic didnt know that and put in the wrong carbuerator.) its also been in 3 wrecks lol. the frame is pretty messed up...

Let's just say, "on the average" then :-)

With few exceptions too, however mine has a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty on it, and it is one of the cheapest priced cars out there.

well tell us the name of this car you speak of!

The Hyundai....I had an Accent for awhile, but now have an Elantra. It gets decent mileage and had an 8 year bumper to bumper warranty and a 10 year power train warranty. This one has to last at least 10 years ;-)

hmmm, never would have thought of a hyundai. i was thinking it was the VW Rabbit or something(if its a VW... im not sure...)

Those are not cheap :-) Hyundai has one of the best power trains in the market today (unless you can afford a BMW or something)


10 years ago

"Sorta biased" is putting it mildly! :-) Not that she's wrong, mind you. I just don't think that approach is going to go beyond preaching to the choir.

hahahahahah and i might add "a bit hypocritical" also

I hope this video becomes viral, and not only that, but that people understand it, and try to make their own changes for a better world.

wow, I should show my SS teacher that.

Yeah, I just finished listening to it myself. It does finagle a few points but over all is it pretty accurate. Thanks.

i have to admit, she is sorta biased.
i mean where did that ipod come from????
i know it triggered her interest but i see she stll uses it...

It didn't trigger her interests, as she said, she has been researching for ten years. The iPod hasn't been around for that long. She is just trying to connect with a new generation (which is okay with me).

hahahahahahaha yea, our english teacher showed us that. she talks really fast. its almost like she doesnt breathe. i dont use a pillow!

wow....thats a good vid...im gonna show that to a bunch of people now i think...hell maybe my school could watch it on the tv screens in each classroom (theyve promoted stuff before on there like bringing clean water to africa) i wonder if my pillows killing me lol...