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internet sharing Answered

Hi this is just basically a question to all you out there who could possibily answer. bassically i want to make a server but somehow i need to share the internet connection between my laptop and the acctual old pc which will become a server. does anyone know how or if it is possible the laptop has a wireless card built in. thanks


dont you want to make this the other way ? so the server (desktop box) gives internet to the laptop ?

i suppose that that would work. would it be better that way? i just preferred my laptop to give the server internet because my laptop has a wireless card built in. thanks:)

you want the laptop to be portable - so other boxes dont depend on it. dont you ?

cool thanks for all the replies:) got it working now thanks

well I want to connect the computers direct so that they both have the Internet originally from the laptop thanks

. If you are on DSL/cable, you need a router. If your laptop has two Ethernet ports (not many do), you can get by without the router. . If you're on dial-up, I dunno, but there's bound to be a way to do it.

? wireless router ?

Or wired or by connecting the computer direct and adding internet sharing to it...