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intraduce your pastafarian self Answered

just get to meet other pastafarians


What the hell is pastafarian? lol

I would assume, like a "vegatarian" eats vegetables, that a pastafarian ate only pasta, but that would be wrong in so many ways LOL

Like a "humanitarian?" ;-)

(OP means worshiper of the Flying Spaghetti Monster...)

Yes, humanitarians eat only humans  ;-)   
I knew what it meant but had to poke a little fun at it in any case...

Go Pastafarianism!!! WOOHOO!!!!

ZORK? MOIK HOILIOSHY mc NUGGETS vorninininizzlede boop! ZIP ZOP ! ZOOBIDY BOP! WERTRERTRERTREW! AYAYAYAYH Woah, just totally blanked out there, what the heck happened?